AG visit January 2020

Got to record annie greens trip.  She came first weekend of jan 2020. So much fun! Friday night We watched anastasia and ate bagel bites. Saturday day We went to the JFK musuem and the western multicultural musuem fka cowboys of color.  Saturday night We went to see female comedian at improv theater. Midday on saturday or sunday We watched the hate you give. We watched something else. ..... maybe. Sunday morning We went to perot musuem of science.  Watched Imax movie about volcanoes. Tried to build our own birds but a station wasn't working so that failed. We did raptor dance party. We did this mind thing measuring nuerons fired. Went to eat appetizers at Al Biernets. Sunday night Did escape room with Bryan Kevin and AG. We didn't get out but were so close. Had italian with Bryan after that.  We had so much fun!!!!!


6 pillars 2019 update

6 Pillars.

Romantic - lot of splashing in the shallow end nothing deep or meaningful.
Spiritual - Not going to church. Maybe that will change
Social - Not great but I've got my Wednesday night stuff and Kevin and I are becoming friends.  Best social events still happen with far away friends. 
Finances - putting money into a 401k again.  Almost have car paid off.
Health - 253 lbs (down 8 pounds). Working on it.



For the first time in forever I can report that I've lost 9 pounds have worked out 9 times in the last 7 days. 

About to go to Dallas arborteum with Kevin.  Jorge moves on Friday.  However he's gotten himself on the 3 year wait list for Cinderella castle stay overnight. 

Saw William aka Kirby for the first timbre in 6 months.  Same ole same ole. 


The One With the Question of the Day

What TV show (past or present) do you think got off to a great start but then went the most off the rails? What would you have changed to keep the derailment from happening?

I don't know if I have an example right out the gate. Perhaps SeaQuest DSV? I'm trying to think of shows that have gone nuts and it hasn't worked. Can't really think of any.

Maybe Terra Nova. They should've stopped spending money on stupid special effects and work on developing good writing stories.


still trying to learn the only thing i've ever really wanted to learn and that i've needed to learn.

I wonder when I will.

Off to bed.

(no subject)

It's over.

I've lost.

I never had anything but my friends and they are all scattered to the winds.

I'm on the verge of losing my job.

I'll have to hang my head and go back to the shame of the family tree.

Everything has fallen apart. My car, my phone, my job, my life, my friends, my relationship. It's all gone. I lost. I guess I never really had anything but what my friends gave me. And none of them can help me now. My bag is who knows where. My notes for a presentation are no where to be found. It's done. I'm done.

Not to mention I won't be able to pay my bills on time for March. So I'm ruining what credit I have.

Michi was right. I bring only misery on myself and those around me.

Happy B-day David

Happy Birthday man. Hope it's a good one. P.S. I loved your LJ entry. It made me life.

I've been having a good week.

I don't know. Last night was weird.

Anyways later.

Failing Classes

Well just got back a D in my shakespeare class and it's the first grade I've recieved in the class. I knew the paper wasn't that good but man do I do a crappy job of picking classes this term.

French: Not doing good.

Shakespeare: Not doing good.

History: Not doing so good.

Yeah I'm so smart and wonderful.

Anyways off to do crap like study and try to do better in school because at this rate I ain't going to pass my classes.