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Steven's Journal

Just Read It

18 August
Well let's see. I'm changing my Bio.

I was born. I did some crap and then I got to where I started writing stuff on LJ. Things are documented. If you really want to know about it go back and read about it. If you really are concerned about something read talk to me about it. If you just want to leave cool comments on my LJ that's cool too. Then I took a break from Live Journaling. Then I posted some more. Then less. Now kinda posting again.

Anything else interesting to write about. I have a lot of boring interests listed. And I have tons of stuff I'm interested in that aren't on my list so don't feel the need to box me just on what I said there.

Oh and I guess I can kinda be a little emotional so if you read something and you are like, "Geeze bipolar much?" my response will be, "No how could you say that to me. My life is over!!! I'm going to go cry now!" Nah I'm just kidding. Oh yeah also I'm not as funny as I think I am but I do think I'm a riot so even if no one's laughing you'll hear my little chortle at the end of one of my jokes. All people know this and yet when I do the chortle I don't even get pity laughs from people. It's really sad.

I do Friends Only Entries and Public Ones but I usually go back and make the Public Ones Friends Only so you have to be logged in and my friend to read stuff but really I only have my friends on here because I don't met weirdos in chatrooms or whatever and then be like, "Sure I'll be your LJ friend."